Financial planning should be all about you and what you want. It is a process of understanding you, your situation, your needs and objectives and then developing strategies to help you put your finances in order so you can create or preserve wealth, achieve your goals and enjoy life. We pride ourselves in providing education, strategy and advice for all Gold Coast financial planning needs.

No matter what your needs or goals are, or how big or small they are we want to make sure they are realistic and achievable. Through our process this will become very clear and you will be educated on what is possible and the best way for you to achieve what you want.

Any advice you receive from us focuses on educating you with the best strategies for your situation. We pride ourselves in our no-products-sold approach. Whether or not you proceed with us as your Gold Coast financial planner we want to make sure everyone we meet with is educated so that they can make the best decision about what is right for them.

We also want you to be fully aware of and comfortable with your journey with your Gold Coast Financial Planning specialist. Therefore here is a brief description of the process we take you through in order to give you the best outcome and experience. It is a 5 step process involving 3 initial meetings and then regular review meetings:





We want to discover and discuss what you want, what your situation is, and what your goals, priorities and concerns are. The more we understand you, your situation and where you want to be the better we can help.

Regardless of whether you only have one need or many we will start your education process in this consultation by answering your questions and addressing your concerns with general examples and education. Even if we do not take you on as a client you will be more educated, equipped and confident to tackle your financial needs.

We meet with you at a time and place of your choosing for this complementary consultation.


After the initial consultation we analyse your situation, needs and concerns. We research and prepare a range of strategies that will allow you to achieve what it is you want.

We meet with you for your second complementary consultation to explain and discuss the issues and opportunities your situation holds and allows for. We work with you through these options to pin point the overall strategy that works best for you, making sure it is the one you are most comfortable with.


Once we have identified and agreed with you on the most suitable strategies we prepare your financial plan. Your financial plan maps out and contains all the detail and information you need to get your financial situation changing for the better.

We meet with you to present and explain in full your financial plan. Each strategy is explained in detail along with the timeframe and expected outcomes.


I in the third meeting we complete any paperwork or applications required to get your financial plan started. We map out what needs to happen and by when and who. We will monitor and drive your financial plan to ensure it is put in place and hold you and us accountable to ensure it is fully implemented and stays on track.


Your financial plan is an evolving one. To stay on track you need regular reviews. You may get distracted or your situation may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, government, tax and investment laws may change over time. Therefore we stay in regular contact with you to discuss progress, changes, concerns and achievements.

In addition to regular review meetings we also provide ongoing education sessions to keep you up-to-date and focused on what is important for your financial situation to keep moving forward. This is a way of making sure you continue making the most informed financial decisions and don’t lose sight of what you need to do to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.


Our Gold Coast financial planning services and advice have been benefiting people for more than a decade years and have changed many lives for the better simply because they asked the question… “How can we improve our finances and lifestyle?”… Is it time for you to do the same? Contact Gold Coast Financial Planner Steve today on 0427 729 448.

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What our clients have to say..

"Steve’s advice and abilities in developing customized strategies for each client is of the very highest level and quality. He is extremely professional and confidential at all times, and clients have found him very approachable and easy to talk to. I have been extremely impressed with Steve’s knowledge, expertise, experience, and also…. very importantly…. Steve’s innate ability to explain things very clearly, and concisely, so that everyone can fully understand. My clients that have been assisted by Steve now feel better educated, informed, have developed strategies and goals, and feel in control of their finances and their futures.”

Jeannie Anderson

Mayberry, Meldrum & Anderson
Steve helped turn my goals into a clear and achievable plan. Recommending life changing strategies that I have been able to easily implement and benefit from greatly. Steve is informative, helpful and the best financial planner that I would highly recommend to everyone!

John Mitchell

Without a doubt the most trustworthy, honest person it has ever been my pleasure to work with. I know that he has only my best interests at heart and he does not take commissions, which may be seen by others to influence his recommendations. The only person to go to in my mind he has saved me heaps of money.

Geoffrey Colwill

Trustworthy & Honest
I have know Steve pollard personally now for a couple of years and meet with him once a week for breakfast. He is literally a breath of fresh air as I have always been wary of Finance Advisors in the past. Steve is now working with myself and my partner to help build a financial plan for the future and has really opened my eyes to the possibilities there are. I totally recommend that if you are looking at advice for your personal or business matters to book a time to Steve as you won't be disappointed.

Sam Skehan

Great Advice
Every time I see Steve present at a seminar, I realise it is so much more than financial information, which anyone can provide, and more about finding the right motivator. Steve definitely knows how to motivate in a friendly non confronting manner. I can see why his greatest successes are with clients that stay with him year on year.

Greg Davies

Davies Home Loans
Steve Pollard is a highly professional and ethical financial planner, who practices what he preaches. He is on the few financial planners to have provided independent fee for service advice since he started in the industry. I trust Steve to provide quality advice to me, my friends and clients.

Andrew Wegener