Cathy, Bob, are business owners who have 2 children. They came to us 4 months ago desperate to try to sort out their massive personal and business debt situation and cashflow issues. They were stressed each month trying to find money to pay for all their debts and then their living expenses. They wanted to know if anything could be done to improve cashflow, reduce debts and not be stressed each week.


After a thorough review of their financial situation we told them to do the following:

  • To reduce debt and reduce monthly debt repayments and expenses, we told them to sell cars, business equipment, camper trailer, trailer, trucks, etc. We mapped out what to sell, when to sell each item, and then which debts to clear and in what order so that it freed up the most cashflow.
  • We put an expenses reduction plan in place and a debt repayment plan in place using freed up cashflow.
  • By stopped them putting money into super because this money was needed to help improve their cashflow each month.
  • We stopped them paying for personal insurances out of their cashflow, and instead had their superannuation pay for the insurances where possible. This freed up cashflow which they are using to clear debts, which in turn will free up more cashflow. This does mean their super balances will reduce over the next 12 months, but that is fine because after debts are gone and cashflow is health, we will have them start putting money back into super. We also reviewed their personal Life, TPD and Income protection insurance and Business expenses insurances, adjusting these so they had more appropriate and affordable cover for the young family they are.
  • We had them move out of the house they were renting and rent a place for less. And we had them sell their investment property so that this money could be used to clear debts, which in turn freed up cashflow.
  • We had to consolidate assets to reduce debt and free up cashflow to in turn reduce more debt, which in turn freed up more cashflow. A cycle what over a very short few months will completely transform their financial situation.
WHERE WE STARTED in March 2019

They were paying over $20,000 per month in debt repayments both personally and business. This was crippling the business, them personally and creating massive issues in their marriage and home life.

They had assets of:

Super combined $67,500

Business equipment $380,000

Investment property $420,000

Cash in bank $4,500

Other assets, cars, etc $45,000

DEBTS of $799,000


But their cashflow was going backwards each month, so they would soon be forced to sell assets to pay the bills, and there marriage would not have lasted.

NOW 4 months LATER in July 2019

Once they implemented our advice. They have reduced their debts so much that they have freed up $15,000 per month in debt repayments and cashflow both personally and business. This therefore means they have more cashflow to live off and to put into the remaining debts which will allow them to be debt free personally less than 9 months, and then they can save back up for a house deposit and comfortably afford the mortgage once they buy a home in the next 2 years.

They now have assets of:

Super combined $66,500

Business equipment $260,000

Investment property $0

Cash in bank $4,500

Other assets, cars, etc $25,000

DEBTS of $286,000


But now they have a surplus cashflow after all debt repayments and living expenses of over $5,000 per month. Their business and marriage have been saved. And in 6 months they will start saving for a home deposit



We were lost as to what to do and I would often be in tears trying to manage our cashflow and debts. Meeting with Oasis Financial Planning allowed us to finally see that there was a way out of our what seemed like hopeless situation. We had no idea what to do. Oasis Financial Planning mapped out what we should do, made it plain and simple, and showed us there was light at the end of the tunnel. Then they worked with us to achieve what they said was possible. Sometimes it was hard to do what they asked but in the end it was so worth it. Worth it to what seemed like going backwards to start with but then became apparent over time was working and getting us into a much better situation. The stress of managing our finances, cashflow and debts and wondering how we were going to get through the next week has been removed. We are so thankful that we sort advice.

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What our clients have to say

Steve Pollard is a highly professional and ethical financial planner, who practices what he preaches. He is on the few financial planners to have provided independent fee for service advice since he started in the industry. I trust Steve to provide quality advice to me, my friends and clients.

Andrew Wegener Aquila
Andrew Wegener

Every time I see Steve present at a seminar, I realise it is so much more than financial information, which anyone can provide, and more about finding the right motivator. Steve definitely knows how to motivate in a friendly non confronting manner. I can see why his greatest successes are with clients that stay with him year on year.

Greg Davies Davies Home Loans
Greg Davies

I have know Steve pollard personally now for a couple of years and meet with him once a week for breakfast. He is literally a breath of fresh air as I have always been wary of Finance Advisors in the past. Steve is now working with myself and my partner to help build a financial plan for the future and has really opened my eyes to the possibilities there are. I totally recommend that if you are looking at advice for your personal or business matters to book a time to Steve as you won’t be disappointed.

Sam Skehan "Great Advice"
Sam Skehan

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